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Pitter Patter Puppies
AKC Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers- Yorkies for short- are loyal and loving dogs. They are allergy friendly and non-shedding.  
They like to be active, but as long as properly exercised shouldn't be overly hyper or obnoxious. 
They will bark at strangers, because they are very loyal to their "pack" and can be protective.  
They are very intelligent, loving, and extremely entertaining.  
Their life expectancy is approximately 15 years- so this puppy is a very serious commitment to consider for yourself or your family.  
"Yorkie" Puppies Available
We are currently downsizing our breeding program and have decided not to breed Yorkies going forward.  We love our Yorkie babies, & they have brought considerable joy and happiness to our family- but in an effort to simplify our operation and our lives, from this point we're going to focus exclusively on breeding Boxers.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
MALI (pronounced May-Lee)
Our last AKC Yorkie Darling, born July 16, 2017 
We were going to keep her because she was from our last Yorkie litter, and my daughter thought she might want to breed Yorkies again in a couple years.  Mali was the cutest puppy in her litter- so we picked her.  Unfortunatley she's far too small to ever be bred, 3.1lbs.  Considering her tiny size she will make someone an excellent "purse puppy".  As much as we love her, we do not need another dog, and Dad is insisting we downsize (he's no fun).  Mali is crate trained, mostly potty trained, she comes when called and knows her name.  She's smart and sassy.  The perfect Yorkie princess. 
If you're interested please feel free to call or text.